How You Can Be Part Of The Black Friday Shopping Madness

How You Can Be Part Of The Black Friday Shopping Madness

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In light of recent political turmoil, many aren’t feeling envious of anything happening in U.S. Except for one thing: the Black Friday sales.

If you’re not familiar with the best day of the year for discount shoppers, it’s a post-Thanksgiving event that sees retail stores in the U.S. hold crazy sales. Really crazy. You don’t believe me when I say crazy? Check out this video of David Attenborough narrating Black Friday shoppers.

If you’re stuck in Australia wishing you were part of this capitalist jungle safari experience, you’re in luck. Black Friday fever has spread to Australia. Some of our favourite outlets have some killer sales, and you can even live the Black Friday experience from the comfort of your own home.



$284 return flights to London. There is a catch, you have to buy a Contiki Tour for the 2017 European summer. But it’s still not a bad deal getting up to $700 off your flights. See you in London, baby?



Calling it their “one-day shopping event”, Apple is getting on the Black Friday bandwagon and we can reap the benefits. They’re giving away gift cards with purchases.


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